Dec 12 2007

What is xAmerica?

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The idea was always there, laying down in the dreams of three common citizens.  Doing something outstanding was carving our common sense.  Until one day that we finally came up with the inspiration that would lead us to our outstanding quest. The inspirational purpose that we came out with, was to make the longest driven photographic trip around the American continent. As days went by, our eagerness was growing bigger and bigger. Everything was taking shape. Further more, adventure, literary, cultural and historical visions gather to share and exchange their opinions about this project to conform it as it is now. At the heat of wine and beer we proposed a date, January 2008. Until now, this date stays unremovable and will mark the beginning of our exceptional drive. Today we can eagerly say that we are sure of the first six months of the rest of our lives.

Our lemma was inspired by the literary work of Bernal Diaz del Castillo “Historia Verdadera de la Conquista de la Nueva España (True Story of the Conquest of the the New Spain).” We believe that this heading was appropriated not because we think of ourselves as contemporary conquerors, but for the willingness and animus of being conquered by the culture and customs of the different regions that we are going to visit.

This journey around the American continent will be made riding a 4X4 vehicle in an estimated time of about six months. During our expedition we will capture visually and write about the different passages, customs, and traditions of the territory that once was called “The New World.” Our quest will be of 80,000 kilometers of roads and highways to be traveled, and exuberant beauty to be explored. Twenty-four countries with many of their cities, towns, and their inhabitants waiting to show us and share their experiences, and the beauty of their piece of earth.

Our traveling companions will be a video camera, a photographic camera, and a notepad. With all this, we will share the different realities of America the beautiful.

We are three people with different personal and professional perspectives that overlapped in the city of Nogales Sonora, Mexico. Here we heard our omen. We heard the higher command to embrace this adventure.

This page contains the necessary elements to establish a perfect communication with us during the quest.

Surf trough it freely and keep in touch with us. 

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