Dec 28 2007

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José F. Jiménez  (33)

He studied computer engineering at the Technological Institute of Nogales.

Has worked in many jobs regarding private funds. Nowadays he is recognized and respected as a successful businessman in his hometown as well as statewide.

His work as publisher and photographer are recognized nationally and internationally. Well known magazines have published his photographic work.

Devotee of visual arts, with a genuine interest for everything that technology makes to enhance the quality of life.

He contributes to this project with his deep and revelatory vision, as well as with his objective capacity of leadership always needed in a quest of this dimension.  

Ulises Lavenant Brau (33)

Majored on Spanish Literature at the Autonomous University of Chihuahua.

He has worked as a Literature and Philosophy teacher at several high schools, colleges, and universities.

He has published poetry and tales in many national and international magazines and newspapers.

Passionate by literature and philosophy and any other discipline, activity or artistic expression related with them.

He joins the project with the main purpose of compiling by means of hermeneutics the great variety of human manifestations during the trajectory of the journey. 

Abraham Guzmán Pineda (31)

Majored in Business Administration.

During the last ten years he has worked in the national restaurant scope.

Has occupied manager jobs in some of the most recognized franchises in the country.

Proudly “chilango” he builds his destiny in-between the finest and most delicious tacos of every corner. The cuisine is for him a metaphor of life: all the ingredients and a great cook that mixes, adds, dilutes, and of course tastes first.

Trough his work he not only nurtures the body, he also nurtures the spirit. Man of enterprising nature, curious, and observer. Besides his culinary gift, he adds to this project his capacity of adaptation and reaction present in all the inhabitants of the biggest city of the world

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